1 May 2017

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Exert from an article by Imre Salusinszky

Years of involvement in political media messaging have convinced me the opposite is true. Our politicians are way overexposed.
The main reason the "narrative" is not getting through isn't that they don't tell their story to us often enough. It's that they tell it so incessantly, so tediously, in so many versions, and with such a tsunami of corroborative detail, that the actual structure of the thing – the beginning, middle and end – is hopelessly obscured.
So, less can be more where media is concerned? Correct, but this message is offensive to professional politicians.
Most of them touchingly believe that, the more we see them, the better we will like them. Not so, guys and girls: the more we see you, the more your essential strangeness as human beings becomes evident.
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