22 May 2017

Field Marshal Dutton(future PM?) bashes refugees once again by extravagant claims they are all false refugees.

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 Refugee advocates are furious over the move, saying it punishes people who have been waiting patiently to submit their claims.
The Refugee Action Coalition's Ian Rintoul called the deadline "completely arbitrary" and said it was a cruel hoax on people whom the government has left in limbo.
"These people have been denied legal and has stopped funding English language support by this government," said Mr Rintoul. "They have systemically denied them the possibility of making an application. To suggest that they are unreasonably consuming taxpayers dollars is simply vicious."

Human rights lawyer George Newhouse said the move showed a "blatant disregard' for the processes of the law and the cost of legal aid.
"Peter Dutton and the Turnbull government are deliberately making the process of applying for protection as difficult as possible," the centre's Dominic Ofner said. 
It is simply beyond embarrassing that our government is doing everything it possibly can to deny basic rights to 7,500 people seeking asylum in Australia."
Branding people "fake refugees" before they had even lodged their applications is disgusting.

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