30 May 2017

Government funding of education simplified?

Who gets the biggest slice?

Money is not always distributed equally.

The reason some schools get more than their fair share is to do with how the money is distributed after governments hand it over.

Even though the Commonwealth government decides how much money each school should get, it doesn't get to decide how much actually goes to each school.

The Commonwealth gives the total amount to the state and territory governments and organisations like the Catholic education system — which then distribute the money to individual schools.

Those systems do not have to follow the Federal Government's defined amount that goes to each school, they just need to distribute the money on a "needs basis" according to their own formulas.

That means there are eight different state models, eight different Catholic system models and lots of other models in the other private school systems for distributing Commonwealth money.

The Catholic school system has come in for criticism for giving more money to wealthy schools at the expense of poor schools.

Funding for some of the top richest schools is still based on an old system. To date no government federally has had the guts to bite the bullet and bring them into the new system.

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