29 May 2017

How do you kill suicide bomber after he's committed suicide?

This is a light bulb thought that needs more thought. A different idea would be to have the death penalty for all those directly involved or fixed term sentence's in prisons where they have no contact with other prisoners who could be radicalized

BRITISH independent politician Janice Atkinson has demanded the United Kingdom reintroduce the death penalty — for suicide bombers.
“Much needs to be done to eradicate this evil,” she said in the wake of the bombing that killed 22 people at a pop concert in Manchester earlier this week.
“But there is one simple step which we can take now: we must bring back the death penalty.”
UK pollie Janice Atkinson wants the death penalty for suicide bombers. There’s just one teeny, tiny insignificant little flaw with this plan.
UK pollie Janice Atkinson wants the death penalty for suicide bombers. 
Ms Atkinson once stood for right-wing populist party UKIP, which was one of the key advocates for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.
She was kicked out over an expense scandal for which she was later cleared.
“Many will argue that I’m calling for revenge killings, motivated by hatred. Others will argue that I’m inhumane, that we live in a civilised society.
“This is the first time I have called for this. For decades I have shifted in both directions; taking any life is wrong; it’s right to execute certain types of killers, but what about miscarriages of justice?”
She made it clear she knows there’s a tiny little flaw with her plan.
“Then there will be those who say that the death penalty is not a deterrent, that the warped perpetrators want in any case to die,” she told the media.
“None of the above arguments stand up. Not now. We are at war and war crimes and terror cannot be given any quarter or allowed any glimpse of victory.”
However, indicated she believes something drastic should be done.
“I’m not wringing my hands trying to find answers, I’m a politician, it’s my job to come up with answers.”
Almost 60 people are still receiving treatment for injuries sustained during the blast at Manchester Arena, when 22-year-old Salman Abedi detonated a deadly device.

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