8 Jun 2017

Time to rethink the way we approach terrorism.

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Results suggest it may be time to rethink the way we approach terrorism.

On an average day, terrorists kill 21 people worldwide. On that same average day, natural or technological disasters kill 2,200 people – or more than 100 times as many.

The likelihood of dying at the hands of a terrorist is comparable to the odds of drowning in one’s own bathtub.

This does not mean we should be afraid of bathtubs, nor does it mean terrorism is not among the problems that need to be solved with a high priority.

Rather, in the fight against terrorism, seemingly easy conclusions may be drawn too quickly – and we should not forget other matters that affect people’s lives far more than terrorism does.

Terrorism should be dealt with as we deal with a disease, accident or murder, it deserves no more attention in the media than that. An investigation takes place its covered by the media and that's that.
We don't have repeat coverage for weeks trying to milk the story.

Then we wonder why ISIL or one of their crazy followers are encouraged to carry out crazy acts. Its the bloody media that continue to feed these mixed up individuals with unbelievable movie star coverage.

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