23 Jul 2017

Shorten has nominated the problem will Malcolm come to the party?

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Bill Shorten, said yesterday in his speech to the Economic and Social Outlook Conference in Melbourne. He declared that tackling inequality would become the defining mission of a Shorten Labor government.

“Inequality kills hope,” he said. “Inequality feeds the sense that the deck is stacked against ordinary people, that the fix is in and the deal is done ... it fosters a sense of powerlessness . It drives people away from the political mainstream and down the low road of blaming minorities and promising to turn back the clock.”

He outlines the ways in which he believes inequality establishes unfair roadblocks in the lives of “ordinary Australians”.

It is the sort of inequality that deprives average workers of a decent pay rise and cuts penalty rates for weekend work, while corporate profits and executive salaries go through the roof and company taxes come down.

It is the sort of inequality, he says, that skews opportunity against ordinary Australians in education, health, the housing market — all the hot button policy issues that are igniting political debate.

Can Malcolm drive his coach load of people to address these issues or will he be forced to turn right instead of taking the middle road. If he's forced in the wrong direction polling for his party will be even worse, he will loose the next election by a mile.

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