6 Aug 2017

Australian parliamentarians in 1969. Parliamentarians in 2017.

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The 'smoothies' have taken over government.
That's why we don't listen to our MP's anymore.

Based on an article by Imre Salusinszky
Former Hawke government minister Barry Cohen liked to tell a story that when he was first introduced to his new Labor party-room comrades, arriving in Canberra as a young MP in 1969.

He was struck by how many of the hands he shook had fingers missing: these men (and yes, they were all men) had worked on railroads, construction sites and in factories.

Now, MPs on both sides
(smoothies) have the smooth hands of those who have worked entirely within the political system itself.
They're ministerial advisers or similar. Now, even worse, they generally came to that work via the respective political parties.

Ministerial offices these days are stacked with party members, many of whom have come up through Young Labor or the Young Liberals.

Like a footballer who won't "lift his eyes" and look for options other than a long shot at goal, these people have been focused on party politics so long they can barely see past it.

The first mob that snapps out of this mindset and gets real people to stand will win big.

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