16 Aug 2017

Sky boss wants to destroy the ABC. Whats new?The LNP and Pauline Hanson would like to help out.

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“The commercial media have been bellyaching about the ABC for 85 years,” Milne said in an interview with ABC Riverina. “Eighty-five years ago the media barons were out in force saying that ABC radio was going to wreck their radio stations – and it didn’t. Then they were saying ABC TV was going to wreck their TV investments – and of course it didn’t.

“Australians want and benefit from – and so does commercial media – a vibrant, interesting, diverse media environment. It just works better.”
Ticking the diversity box

When you are a public broadcaster committed to increasing onscreen diversity, you have to ensure every effort is being made to put the policy into action. The ABC’s managing director, Michelle Guthrie, has made diversity her catchphrase since she took over from Mark Scott, saying the goal for the ABC is “to look and sound like Australia”.

“I am also not only the first woman to hold the position but I am also the first managing director from a non-English speaking background,” Guthrie said last year.

But the move has only meant more red tape and some ABC TV journos are a little frustrated at being told they have to track their own diversity quotas. “Every time you file a TV story can you please fill in this form,” a recent memo said.

Do the LNP and Hanson wants to check every story????

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