18 Aug 2017

The birth of corporate domination, maybe its already happened?

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Griffith Review

During the 1970s, a handful of the Americas wealthiest corporate captains felt overtaxed and over-regulated and decided to fight back. Disenchanted with the direction of modern America, they launched an ambitious, privately financed war of ideas to radically change the country. They didn’t want to merely win elections; they wanted to change how Americans thought.

These well-lubricated ideas quickly spread through the world due to American global dominance.

It didn’t take long before institutions were accused of failing, experts gained the prefix “so-called”, and “elites” it ceased to be the mega rich or those born with silver spoons, but were redefined as educated people who questioned the self-interest orthodoxy.

My comment.
It appears that Donald Trump is continuing the attack in institutions, so called experts(scientists) and 'elites' are now the educated people.

Whereas the mega rich no longer owe allegiance to any country, their only religion is the mighty dollar, they are the 'deserving ones' now because they create wealth. How? By dodging tax and manipulating countries and world stock markets.

Democracies are being replaced by corporate self interest, they play countries off against one another to win corporate investment, and the "mice"(countries) learn where they have to go to get fed.

Our democracies, our elected representatives are locked into a treadmill that puts corporates ahead of people.

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