21 Aug 2017

The Children’s Party to take on Canberra

Melbourne kids form The Children’s Party to take on Canberra

Catherine Lambert, Herald Sun 
THE need to be heard has become official for a group of Melbourne kids who have established the first child-led political party in Australia.

The Children’s Party comprises 12 kids, aged 9-12, and they have policies on marriage equality, gender equality, use of plastic bags and religious tolerance.

Member Mirai Sastradipradja-Pollock, 10, of St Kilda, is so inspired she is already thinking about a career in politics once she finishes school.

“We don’t want to wait until we’re 18 to tell people what we think when all of our good ideas will have vanished and we have become boring and just go with the crowd,” Mirai said.

“We have all come up with policies on things that are most important to us right now. I’m considering a career in politics because I see it as a way to make a change and have an input on what goes on in the world.”

“These kids are incredibly tapped into their personal politics as in their values and beliefs and they’re very articulate and eloquent,” teacher Ms Walker said.

“Their sense of humanity and social justice is outstanding. They offer a unique perspective. They’re reminded daily about their behaviours such as respect, putting up their hands to speak, sharing, being kind and taking turns.

“So they’re pretty horrified by what they see in question time at Parliament.”

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