23 Aug 2017

UK light weight takes on Elephant and is trampled to death.

Politician dismisses Hawking's research analysis (it doesn't go well)

Not so good at looking at research?
It's not a good idea to criticize a scientist's ability to do science if you're not that good at, say, science.

Climate scientists have borne the brunt of this is recent times, as some politicians have told them that they don't know what they're talking about.

On Friday, UK Health Secretary Jeremy(not in the hunt)Hunt gave Stephen Hawking -- of all scientists -- an "F" for his analysis of research.

Hawking, you see, had penned an article in The Guardian defending the UK's National Health Service. The NHS tries to ensure that, you know, people don't die in the streets when they're sick simply because they don't have enough money.

It's an imperfect system, but one, some would say, with a heart.

Hawking said the service had saved his own life, since he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 1962. He said Hunt was trying to turn the NHS into a pure, American-style business. He added that the politician had "abused" and "cherry-picked" scientific research to support his politics.

Hunt, a member of the ruling rightish Conservative Party, took to Twitter to upbraid the famed physicist: "Stephen Hawking is brilliant physicist but wrong on lack of evidence 4 weekend effect. 2015 Fremantle study most comprehensive ever."

Please, I'd prefer not to get too deeply into the grimy details of the weekend effect. Essentially, it's the suggestion that patient care deteriorates at weekends, relative to weekdays.

In the case of Hunt vs. Hawking, it's the Twitterish contemporary psychology that fascinates far more.

The minute Hunt decided to take on Hawking on Twitter, he was met with a barrage of criticism.

For example, this from Labor Party politician Clive Lewis: "Well, Hawking gave us complex theories on blackholes & alternative universes.The other left a blackhole where the NHS was & covered his back with alternative(fake) facts."

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