12 Sept 2017

Australia, can we have real politicians that represent the people not the party line.

Job interviews for Ministers including the Prime Minister should be mandatory, if its good enough for corporate CEO's why not for government.

IF YOU ask if people are they happy with our current state or federal politics, or do they "trust” politicians, most, it would appear, say categorically "no”.

Surely, running our state or country is one of the most important jobs in Australia.

This responsibility would equate with running a huge complex business, and should be managed accordingly.

Yet do the people we elect have the right credentials for the job?

If we want the best, smartest candidates, ideally equipped to handle the complex areas of finance, education, law, science and the myriad of other issues, then sensibly all prospective candidates should have to undergo an interview with an appropriate body, where their credentials are examined (like any other job interview) and approvals given based on what each person brings to the table in the best interest of all Australians.

Are politicians currently elected: simply seeking a job (career politicians), have ideological reasons (not necessarily in line with majority wishes), unionists with one-sided views, an assortment of mixed-bag professionals?

Proof of our dysfunctional system is clearly demonstrated by massive debt, both at federal and state levels, that our grandchildren, if not great grandchildren, will inherit.

Historically, when Labor is in power, they spend uncontrollably.

But then with a predominance of unionists or ideologues who have never run a business or have experience across most of the prerequisite areas, what would one expect?

Again, historically, it was the role of Liberal governments (comprised of businesspeople and professionals) to restore the financial well being of our country (not this Liberal Government under Turnbull, however).

This system is an unmitigated disaster.

Decisions by both past and present poorly credentialed politicians add to the very real threat to our great country's future.

Australia is experiencing a multitude of daunting problems, and it would appear that our current politicians - both state and federal - are bereft of agreeable and workable solutions.

If people are unhappy, then they have to take some responsibility - to take more interest, to wake up and seriously consider the credentials of their candidates if they want economic sustainability, rational decision-making and stable governments.

Continuing to vote the way we currently do will just continue with the same disastrous outcomes.

When populations and politicians put the country's best interests ahead of their own, then we may be on the right path to achieving greatness once again.


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