28 Sept 2017

Dogs never complain but they do get pissed off.

Image result for dogs peeing on a tree
I'm a Puppy Dog

Hello my names doggy
Do you like me, I like you
I can see you've got food
Watch I can wiggle my tail
Wiggle it real fast
Can I have some please

If I rub up against you
Will you give me a bite
If I whimper a bit will it do the trick
Can I have some, I've got the stick
Will you chuck it for me
It's one of my tricks

Can I have a nibble now
I've picked up the stick
You know you're miserable
You're no fun, didn't give me any
Not even one

Oh well I tried, to get along
It's not my fault we don't get along
I've got to go now really bad!
Now you know your leg
It looks just like tree
Oh that feels good!
I've got to flee

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