17 Sept 2017

NSW bans fees on energy bills.

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NSW Premier Glady Berejiklian revealed energy suppliers are no longer allowed to bill customers for receiving paper bills, with Kellie Northwood, CEO, Keep Me Posted saying this is a powerful step forward for consumers.

The banning of fees for paper bills represents a tremendous victory for the Keep Me Posted Campaign, which is part of the Two Sides campaign.

It is also good news for printers who saw a serious revenue stream almost wiped out when the big banks, telcos and utilities switched to internet billing and started charging for paper fees, under the guise of environmental protection but really in order to save themselves money.

The banning of fees for bills comes in a series of measures included in the new energy bill relief package, which also includes increasing rebates and granting discounts on equipment upgrades for households and small businesses, the package also includes the end of ‘unnecessary charges’.

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