12 Sept 2017

The death of workers rights

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Yes workers rights are to be trashed by the LNP if this bill is passed.

It’s the complete annihilation of the last remaining rights of working people and the unions that fight for those rights.

How else to explain the crueller details of that very “Protecting Vulnerable Workers” Bill, in which mockery of the labouring classes is referenced in the title?

It is a Dickensian cartoon of faux-benevolence pretending at the prevention 7-11 style wage exploitation.

The bill actually expands the government’s ABCC-style industrial thuggery into every workplace in Australia.
First they came for the construction workers … then, should this bill in its present form pass, any worker at any workplace who took what should be legal industrial action could be coerced before the Fair Work Ombudsman to give testimony against themselves, their colleagues, their union.

Failure to comply with a FWO notice can bring with it a $126,000 penalty. Unlike the rights provided actual accused criminals, there will be no right to silence.

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