25 Sept 2017

The Kurds of Iraqu are they to be forgotten by the US and its allies once again. Some support from America is long overdue.

Rewarding friends who kicked ISIS's arse does not appear to be on the agenda of America. They let them down after the Iraq war are they doing it again!

After three years of fighting on the front lines of the war on ISIS, the Kurds of Iraq want to claim the land they’ve been defending as their own.

They say they have seen 1,800 soldiers killed and 10,000 more wounded in the US-led campaign and worked as a key intelligence partner, feeding information to their US allies and helping them take out ISIS leadership with drones and air strikes.

Now Kurdish leaders are demanding payback, in the form of US support for their bid for independence, which will come to a head in a contentious referendum on Monday.

Stretched across a mountainous region that spans Syria, Iran, Turkey, and Iraq, the Kurds are the world’s largest ethnic group without a state. The Kurds in Iraq, who say they number 5.5 million people, have sought to break free from Baghdad for decades.

With the war on ISIS winding down, they believe their chance is now — and have billed the referendum, held in Kurdish territory against Baghdad’s will, as the first small step.

The Trump administration has balked at the idea, leaving them to forge ahead alone. They face resistance from a host of powerful opponents — Iran and Turkey, both wary of their own restive Kurdish populations, along with the Iraqi government and the Shiite militia who back it — and warnings of potential violence.

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