19 Sept 2017

The media's treatment of male teachers in the past has led us to think all male teachers are potential child molesters. Now along with low pay schools are paying the price.


Male teachers face sexism and child abuse claims

Primary school teacher Daniel Steele, one of only three men out of 20 teachers at St Jude's Primary School in outer Melbourne, said he has faced sexism and even suspicions about child abuse.
Mr Steele is the only man to teach in a classroom at St Jude's — the other two male teachers are the principal and the deputy principal.

Why do teachers leave?

Teachers are leaving the profession in significant numbers, disrupting school communities and impairing student learning. So why aren't we tracking the reasons why they leave?
"I remember starting my teaching career and receiving little comments from people second-guessing my role as a teacher," Mr Steele said.
"[Comments] questioning my ability to look after my family with regards to the pay being so terrible, all the way through to, 'Why would you want to work with young kids? That's for women and mums to do'.
"And then you get the really terrible comments with regards to you touching kids and these really horrible descriptions.
"I've copped the whole breadth of it."

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