1 Oct 2017

Australia: Achaeologists have discovered a marvellous live specimen of archaic thinking.

The fact that this specimen is still talking has amazed scientists.
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Marvelling at how well preserved the archaic opinions are, a team of archaeologists on Thursday announced the discovery of a fully intact 17th-century belief system in Senator Eric Abetz .

“It’s just extraordinary to come across a perspective that dates back to the the mid-1600s and shows absolutely no signs of decay,” said an expert, explaining that while it’s not uncommon to encounter partial remains of convictions from that era, it’s exceedingly rare to recover a specimen this pristine.

“All the 400-year-old viewpoints remain almost completely untouched, from religion’s place in society to the rights of women to the attitude toward science. I can only imagine the insights this single sample will provide as to how people who lived centuries ago saw the world around them.

The expert added, however, that the Senator’s belief system was fragile even in near-perfect condition and could deteriorate rapidly if examined too much.

This article is based on similar article in the ONION, only the name has changed to protect the innocent.

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