21 Oct 2017

Cat and dog crackdown: Asylum seekers now need the government's permission to buy a pet

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Thousands of asylum seekers in Australia will now require permission from Immigration Minister Peter Dutton's(police) department if they want to get a pet.

So now their children may be unable to own a doggy, come on this is a joke isn't it?

Leaked guidelines issued by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection reveal all asylum seekers receiving taxpayer support must obtain the department's approval before buying a household animal.
Eddie the rescue dog can't be owned by boat people?

The edict applies to thousands of people currently in Australia awaiting the outcome of their bids for protection, including the 7500 who lodged their claims following the government's imposition of an October 1 deadline.

"Recipients may own a pet if permission is granted by both the department and the landlord," asylum seekers have been told.

"Approval for pet ownership must be sought from both the department and the landlord before a pet is purchased. Recipients may be required to provide evidence to demonstrate that they can cover the costs involved in pet ownership."
Kittens are put up for adoption every week,
but asylum seekers would need to meet strict
requirements to adopt one. Photo: Daniel Munoz

Advocates at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre were scathing of the move. Jana Favero, the organisation's director of advocacy, said it was "another terrifying display of arbitrary powers to decide the rights of people seeking asylum", and a waste of the department's time.

"When someone told us about it, I actually didn't believe it. We thought 'this is so ridiculous, the department wouldn't go that far'," Ms Favero told Fairfax Media. ​"I have no idea what would have motivated this ... I can't even guess what they'll do next."

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