12 Oct 2017

Gas is just hot air supplied by producers to push up prices. There is no gas shortage in Australia!

John Barilaro, The Daily Telegraph

As you read this, hundreds of thousands of gigajoules of gas is being sucked from the Bass Straight and Gippsland gas fields in Victoria, through a network of pipelines up to Gladstone in Queensland, where it is liquefied and then sent to Asia.

In one year, the amount of gas exported to Asian countries is enough to power NSW for nearly 10 years.

The small group of gas companies exporting this gas are the same group of gas companies that would have you ­believe there is an urgent shortage of gas on Australia’s east coast.

These same gas companies are using this engineered gas crisis to justify levying huge price increases on NSW families and businesses while offering lower prices to their customers in Asia — for the same gas

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