7 Oct 2017

Will Nick save South Australia from a premature ejaculation?

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Nick's about pour cold water into South Australian politics and he's not worried about the mud.

Will Nick save South Australia from a premature ejaculation by injecting himself into into the veins of State politics or will he just become a painful kidney stone in a smaller organ than the one he's leaving.

His past history of being an irritating stone that only managed to go away when it was treated with some form of largess does not encourage us to believe that, that remedy will work in a State parliament.

The real world is in this tier of government and Nick will be blamed personally for his decisions, unlike the Big house on the hill where he was on the fringe as a deal maker.

Nick Xenophon holds a sign with election poster on pole behind him.

His measured opinions and openness will be missed when he leaves the Big house on the hill. I believe he tried to do the right thing even though I didn't agree with many of his decisions.
I think he tried to keep the bastards honest.
I wish him good luck in his chosen bear pit.

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