5 Nov 2017

Capitalism, if it is to survive and thrive must except regulation and tax as part the foundation of Capitalism.

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It is capitalism, as the ACTU(I'm no fan) noted this week while advocating for an increase in the minimum wage, in which the focus of workers’ wages is most often on how they will affect “profits, international competitiveness, investment, economic growth and other economic objectives”. 

Its never about how they will affect the lives of those workers.
A Capitalism that has become so lost to reason and in the deluded belief that the market will correct all wrongs. It can't, why because its driven by profit alone
Australians really should not get too smug about Donald Jr.
It says a lot that the most visible and influential champions of capitalism and free markets in Australia ​ are so struck dumb by climate change. Rather than acknowledge the market failure, their response instead is to publish turgid books suggesting it is all a hoax

This was perpetrated by the UN and government agencies such as the Bureau of Meteorology. Come on a blind donkey wouldn't believe that.
Capitalism in its present form is like a square wheel and it needs a standard that ensures that it can be round again.  And what would such a standard look like, it would look like a good tax regime and proper regulation.
Capitalism, if it is to survive and thrive must except regulation and tax as part the foundation of Capitalism. Capitalism cannot function properly without Nation states because they compete. Yet this square wheeled version ignores Nation states and therefor ensures that the wheel will remain square.

Next comes state Capitalism(China) would that be the alternative, an alternative conservative right wing governments and business would like.

No, a mixture of socialist and capitalist work pretty well until one or the other get out of step and at the moment the capitalists are out of step in Australia.

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