5 Nov 2017

Refugees and Manus:- Malcolm Turnbull still believes the United States under Trump will honour the deal? Really how many have they taken and how long will it take? They are playing with Malcolm and he just doesn't get it!

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Malcolm Turnbull says he will “consider” New Zealand’s offer to take refugees from the Manus Island detention centre, but only once the government has completed its refugee transfer arrangement with the US.

The Australian prime minister met with his New Zealand counterpart on Sunday, and Jacinda Ardern confirmed she had restated her country’s offer to accept 150 refugees from among the almost 600 still holding out on Manus Island.

However he left the door open for a future agreement, saying the government would consider the deal once it had completed the ongoing transfer of refugees to the US.

Turnbull “What we are seeking to do is to ensure that there are opportunities for resettlement on the people on Manus Island and Nauru. As you know we have an arrangement United States whereby a substantial number of about 1,250 can … be resettled in the United States. “We want to pursue those, conclude those arrangements and then in the wake of that obviously we can consider other [resettlement deals].

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