17 Nov 2017

The Australian Constitution and citizenship is a joke? The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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All because someone simply wanted to know the truth?
And the truth is not something politicians are renowned for.

An excerpt from Joe Hildebrand's article
Confused? You should be. And that is why the Australian government has been running on bullshit and rum fumes and oily rags ever since the first colonists stumbled ashore. Frankly, it’s the only way to we seem to manage the place.

This is what makes it so laughingly bizarre that suddenly a whole bunch of politicians are now constitutional zealots.

The Greens, no doubt craving a bit of payback, now appear to be threatening to ask the Governor-General to use his reserve powers dissolve parliament — a concept I’m pretty sure their left-wing ancestors weren’t too fond of in 1975. Indeed, according to official Greens policy the Governor-General shouldn’t even exist.

It is also passing strange that the Greens are now so devoted to the constitution when it was two of its senators being so ignorant of it that created this crisis in the first place.

Indeed, it was not a ball tearing media expose, nor a malicious political campaign that sparked the whole government-destroying catastrophe but the abstract curiosity of a layman lawyer from Perth.

Barrister John Cameron told The Weekend Australian in July that he had decided on a whim to check with the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs to see if Scott Ludlam or Derryn Hinch were still Kiwis.

“I did this as a citizen, not as a lawyer, with a keen interest in the constitution,” he said, expecting that he would catch out the Human Headline and Ludlam would be in the clear. In fact the reverse was true.

The rest, as they say, is history — as the government will soon likely be. And all because someone simply wanted to know the truth?

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