8 Dec 2017

Dignified retirement’ for workers?? NO.NO,NO!

The Coalition war on ‘dignified retirement’ is a bad joke

Immigration minister Peter Dutton has focused on
millions of 'lost' money? What lost money? Photo: AAP
Edited by Stephen W T Read

Sarcasm may be the lowest form of wit, but it helps cut through political farce – as demonstrated when shadow treasurer Chris Bowen slammed the looming bank royal commission in Parliament this week.

At issue was the government’s determination to investigate not-for-profit industry super funds, a group of which own The New Daily.

The ‘scandal’ surrounding industry super, he thundered, was that they “are the best-performing superannuation funds in Australia when it comes to returns for their members”.

“The government has to get to the bottom of these outrageous returns that the industry funds dare to produce for their members, and some are rumoured to be members of a trade union … ‘There are members of unions who are having a dignified retirement. How dare they, we must get to the bottom of this at once!’ the Prime Minister has ordered.”

'Workers having a dignified retirement is an aberration, this can't be allowed to continue', said  the PM.
We can fix this situation easily by forcing them to join the under performing funds as quickly as possible, we can then get bankers on their boards, that way they'll under perform like the rest, that way no one will tell the difference and we can hide the fees?

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