29 Jan 2018

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Extract from an article by Tim Minchin

To Politicians.

Learn how to talk to the people, he says: “You don’t have to talk dumb – you have to talk clear ... You don’t have to be a fucking demagogue and rile up the less educated, the less rich, the insecure to turn on themselves.”

More than that, he thinks, leaders should be given space to change their policies and their minds: “How is the term ‘flip-flop’ a bad thing?” ... You can get out of Brexit.

 You can speak to your population and say, ‘We’ve done our due diligence, we’ve worked really fucking hard, we’ve spent a lot of money and done all the studies, and it turns out it’s going to destroy us – and we don’t think you want that ... More evidence has come in, the parameters of the decision have changed and therefore the decision is going to change, and I hope you can support me.’

“I know I don’t understand the subtleties of politics – obviously – but just get a fucking leader who can say the right shit ... Someone with a good heart, good intentions. Someone who can talk.”

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