11 May 2018

Australia has no Bill of Rights yet we copy America(they have a Bill of Rights) by establishing Home Affairs Department

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Australia does not have a discrete Bill of Rights under the national Constitution, although there have been cogent proposals from experts for years, yet neither side of politics has embraced the idea.
Privacy law is incoherent, with significant variation across states, territories and Commonwealth, and major holes in data privacy. Some states do not have a discrete Privacy Act, an absence that would be understandable in 1850, but is disquieting in 2018.

Should we decide to have referendum to fix our crazy citizenship rules for members of parliament then it would be an ideal time to add a Bill of Rights to our constitution.

Its time to bite the bullet,  we need to ask some hard questions about public and private responsibility.
As a society, we expect officials will always do the right thing, however trust without citizens rights written into the constitution makes the average citizen is impotent. 

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