22 Jul 2018

Consensus politics is being killed by conservative right wing extremists

Conservative Politics in Australian and England are taking a step back in time, the progressives are being labelled as lefties.

In Australia the new right is increasingly behaving in precisely the manner for which it lampoons progressives. Its politics start from the point of victim hood. Its persecutors are many – the media(ABC mainly), the elites, the liberal establishment, feminists, Muslims, migrants and of course the unions. Now they are adding charities to the list because they speak out about shortcomings in gov't policy.

The crimes of these tormentors are many: they are misrepresenting us, looking down on us, taking what’s ours, or in some other fundamental way undermining “our way of life”. Their critics are 'un-Australian'. Whether these grievances are real or imagined is less important than the fact that they are felt.

Criticism is what democracy is all about, not blind criticism driven by ideology.  Constructive criticism brings more innovation to gov't policy, if the dinosaurs of the right prevail 'good government' will continue to be second rate.

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