24 Jul 2018

They jumped the gun:- Dutton and Turnbull play the race card over girls death and they shoot themselves in the foot. Peddling fear doesn't work if you get the facts wrong.

Politics of fear is dirty look for the Coalition.

Commander Stuart Bateson(Vic police) has told 3AW the young woman's death had nothing to do with Sudanese gang violence, as had been suggested by some politicians.

"When we start to make an issue that is bigger than what it is and when we start to racialise and we start to target this specific community, that leads to some unintended consequences," he said.

"That means a whole community feels vilified. They often feel frightened to go out in public in groups, they're shouted out."

Premier Daniel Andrews told ABC radio Ms Chol's family "deserve fundamentally better than what they've been given over these past 12 or 24 hours".

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