31 Aug 2018

Politicians in Australia shouldn't forget, humour is our staple diet. Humility is the desert. Sniping should be left to the army, there's no place in parliament for it.

New politician's induction clinicImage result for Politician's inflated egos cartoon
Self-deprecation has become a staple of Australian humour is due to what is often referred to as our ‘tall poppy syndrome’. Perhaps more a way of life than a syndrome, Australians are quick to bring themselves and those around them back to ground-zero.

As a colony of convicts, we are sensitive to anyone who tries to climb the ranks.

While our American colleagues are sometimes left bewildered and a little embarrassed by our self-deprecation, this tendency has served us rather well in relations with our neighbours in the Asia Pacific, who have a saying that “the nail that sticks out gets hammered down”.

Self-deprecation can provide for a sense of humility, and this can build authentic social connection with others, undercut pretention and build trust.

It might also ‘keep the bastards honest’ as one politician once put it.

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