17 Sept 2018

PM Scott Morrison was treasurer when he decided to cut funds to Aged Care Funding. Now he's mister nice guy. Election in the air.

As the dust settled on the battlefield, I wondered what a new dawn would bring.
I awoke to hear the first shot(promise?)  fired at the opposition.

Oh, I do love to hear the unfolding of ballot papers and the smell politician's sweat in the air as they prepare to meet their fate.

The First Shot:

PM's announcement of a Royal Commission into Aged Care.
Then a journalist asked, did you cut funding to this area in the 2016 budget.
It's a lie said Morrison?

Mr Morrison's 2016 budget said the government would “achieve efficiencies of $1.2 billion over four years until 2020” from federal funding paid to aged care providers.
Page 101 of paper No. 2 from the 2016 budget.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison could not explain how this was a “lie” when asked by a journalist..

He may have been referring to the fact that some parts of aged care received small boosts in funding in that budget, such as $137 million for the My Aged Care web portal. The combined effect was a cut of $902.7 million in federal aged care funding over five years, according to health department estimates at the time.

Aged care industry bodies warned at the time of the 2016 budget that the cuts could result in worsening standards of care.

The Prime Minister’s announcement of a public inquiry into aged care came hours before the ABC was to air the first of two Four Corners episodes investigating scandals in the sector.

Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt, who stood next to the Prime Minister on Sunday, was forced to explain why he had told Four Corners just weeks ago that a royal commission was not needed, as it would only tell the government what it already knew.

How could this attitude change in a matter of a week? A week is a long time in politics

We're coming up to an election kids, get used to opinions and even ideology changing at the drop of a hat.

This is about people saving their arse- job-salary and power. 

If they can sell it they'll use it, they love long term, even if it will never happen.

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