4 Sept 2018

The Great Dividing Range, no its not the mountains, its the divide between Politicians and the People of Australia and its growing.

The system is loaded to favour the two main parties, so, will we ever get the chance to elect the type of people we want.
Only if the main parties diversify their candidates. Using focus groups is not an alternative for fresh blood.
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By Peter Lewis: Edited by S W T Read

Are these our representatives, or are they beholden to the party first. 

With party membership falling, it means that a small membership is choosing candidates that are like minded. The result is that we get more of the same, new blood is sadly lacking.

The divide between the composition of the parliament and the people it serves continues to widen.

The 2016 parliamentary handbook lists 226 members and senators.

91 of these describe their occupations as having been political: consultants/ advisors, state and local politicians, party and union administrators, union officials, researchers and electorate officers, and public service/policy managers.

Another 50 were in business as executives, managers or full-time company directors.

Another 24 were lawyers and six were from the media.

Of the recognisable jobs outside the extended political system, there were eight farmers, five military or police officers, four doctors, one teacher, one in real estate and one a psychologist.

Thirty-two per cent of the parliament is made up of women. This is our representative body.

Politics is driven by human nature. It makes sense that people with an interest in politics spend time in the offices of a politician. The parties should look outside this group more often. 

However when the parliament fails to reflect the people it serves, it is bound to increase the actual and perceived divide between served and serving.

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