7 Oct 2018

Business and governments are lamenting our shortage of trades people yet they are blind to the reasons!

Vocational education and training, governments and business have dropped the ball.
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Trades and other vocations have fallen through the cracks, first is the lack of investment by the industries that once invested in apprenticeships(BHP still does), stepping out of the area and relying on apprentices paying for training at TAFE .

Then the governments who funded TAFE's cut funding and outsourced much of it to private providers who's accreditation was doubtful and they have shown little regard to quality, it was always about profit.

The result is easy to see, not enough trades people and other workers. The cost of training these workers was once a part of business costs to ensure their businesses were viable and the TAFE System backed it up and made it possible.

Its about time business and governments woke up to the fact that shortages in the trades and ancillary workers is their own fault, they should make funding available for TAFE and remove or lessen the fees until these shortages are overcome. This is not rocket science!

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