28 Oct 2018

The desert in Australia is a lesser danger than the policy desert in the present government.

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A Political policy desert in Australia could destroy a brave history
Look to the past for political bravery

No other wealthy country has experienced a period of economic growth as long as Australia’s current stretch, and our relatively open approach to immigration is also a major asset.

Australia takes in as many as 190,000 immigrants a year who work, pay taxes and have children – all useful to address an ageing population. Then there’s Australia’s world-class health-care and superannuation systems.

Surprised by how few Australians seem to realise how much their country stands out!” I'm not, as we are all attuned to 24 hour news cycles.

“Not just in terms of how long it has gone without a recession, but also in terms of income growth, immigration and economic reform. It’s an amazing record, and one that it’s really important not to jeopardise.”

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