28 Oct 2018

The LNP Senators have proved that half a brain is the requirement to become a Senator for the LNP.

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What does it say about Coalition senators that they would vote mindlessly for anything they are told to back, however inappropriate?
After all, following a short but pithy debate Coalition senators sat to be counted, with the white supremacist language there before them, with their notice papers. Meanwhile the opposition senators are yelling to bring their attention to the stupidity of thier action.
When these Senate motions – on average there are 50-60 every sitting week – come, the government asks the relevant ministerial office to advise. In this case, it was the office of Attorney-General Christian Porter.

The SHEEP Senators were not even thinking. Why do we elect them!

Then again it's often been said "anyone with half a brain could do that job," Now we know its true!

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