7 Dec 2018

Government's fight against terrorism to stop over Christmas holidays? Home Affairs slashes staff over Christmas at Airports. So, terrorist must go on holidays? I don't think so!

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Terrorist selecting holiday destination. Australia is available.

Home Affairs budget slashed to avoid $300 million overspend

The Australian Border Force is slashing staff numbers at airports over the busy Christmas period as part of desperate measures to stem a predicted $300 million overspend at the Department of Home Affairs.

Leaked emails from two regional commanders show the Border Force is taking dramatic action in the face of "significant budget pressures", including slashing casual staff by up to two-thirds in some areas. Sources say the organisation is becoming increasingly casualized, which suggests the reduction in overall workers will be substantial.

On Thursday we had PM Morrison giving Shorten a blast about not supporting governments bill on Cyber Security(this bill is not workable without amendments).
Now we learn the Government is going on holidays early and now Boarder Force's staff has been cut over the holidays. Terrorists go on holidays? Talk about hypocrisy!

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