22 Dec 2018

Trump diplomacy? Diplomacy is no longer commonplace in America or externally.

Reliance on American commonsense, while we did not always agree, was predictable. This has now turned to fear, fear of a loose cannon president who is out of control.

The blood and treasure spent by the US in the middle east is being squandered by a TV host president?

These two US withdrawals from war don't spell peace. They show weakness and instability. America's supremacy and the world order since the Cold War were predicated on overwhelming military might and predictability.

Now Washington's adversaries are stronger militarily, and see that the old strictures no longer apply.

No longer do they know what the US will and will not accept. 

Instead, the Commander in Chief of the most powerful war machine in history thinks of it as a device to be used to change the headlines, or express his potency.

The risk of conflict being initiated as rashly as these two withdrawals were announced has risen dramatically. The risk of America's adversaries calculating -- with some justification -- that now might be the time to think about pursuing their longer-term goals in somewhere say, like, Ukraine, massively rose too.

This is not a standard Trump-era blip, but a moment when the mood music saw a key change, or perhaps the screen went blue along with the blue thoughts among world leaders.

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