17 Feb 2019

AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM: my attempt with minor changes. Adding 'dream time' might it may help us recognise the original peoples of our land.

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Australians all let us rejoice, this ancient land that sets us free
The dream time is our heritage, it’s what makes us young and free;
 We’ve golden soil and wealth to share, our home is girt by sea;
Our land abounds in nature’s gifts, beauty rich and rare;
In history’s page, let us strive to Advance Australia Fair.
 In joyful strains then let us sing, Advance Australia Fair.

Beneath our radiant Southern Cross We’ll toil with hearts and hands;
 To make this Commonwealth of ours Renowned of all the lands;
 For those who’ve come across the seas We’ve boundless plains to share;
 With courage let us all combine To Advance Australia Fair.
In joyful strains then let us sing, Advance Australia Fair

13 Feb 2019

Morrison's reaction is over the top after passage of Medivac bill. If they were smart they would have put a similar bill to parliament and reaped the reward. Now they look silly!

Amendment to the Medivac Bill which limits its effect to existing refugees only, opens no new doors for the smugglers.  Says Senator Hinch.
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Nothing will change

The PM's reaction is predictable, push the fear button.

So what does he do. Mr Morrison convened an urgent meeting of the National Security Committee of cabinet and said he had commissioned "a range of strengthenings" to Operation Sovereign Borders as recommended by security and intelligence agencies.

I'm giving them everything they are asking for, that  involves a strengthening of the capacity of Operation Sovereign Borders across a whole range of fronts," he said.

Guess what he says next? "I am not at liberty to go into the detail of what they are for obvious reasons." There seems to be a Sir Humphrey likeness in this announcement.

Now that's a surprise, I think we've heard that before, every time Border Security is mentioned! By now we are fed up with amount of secrecy surrounding anything about Border Security.

We have not been told how many boats have been turned back each year since off shore processing began. Why not? Surely we are entitled to judge how effective this system has been.

12 Feb 2019

Australian tech community calling for change in legislation before it damages our technology sector.

Startups could be crippled
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Based on Manufacturing Monthly article.
February 12, 2019News
Australian tech community calling for change in legislation before it does damage to technology sector.

Australia’s national advocacy group for startups is calling for the government to change legislation, which could force tech companies to help security agencies decode encrypted messages.

StartupAUS submitted a request that the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2018 should be limited to avoid crippling Australia’s technology sector.

It put them “under a regulatory burden that is unique to them, and limits the level of security that Australian startups can develop”.

The submission outlines the urgent changes that are required to divest the government of “globally-unprecedented power to involve itself in the operations of technology companies”.

Startups are critical to Australia’s economy.

At a time when we should be developing and broadening our vision and support for them, the bill will jeopardise their standing with investors both here and abroad

11 Feb 2019

How the Royal Commission came about. Nothing to do with Morrison as he claims.

Taken from an article By Annabel Crabb

Here's a thought.

If the numbers in the House of Representatives hadn't been so finely balanced and the Senate hadn't been such a wilful soup of unusual alliances, we'd never have got the royal commission into the banks.

The Labor Party announced three years ago that it backed a royal commission, but this would have remained a twinkle in Chris Bowen's eye had a handful of National Party agitators not decided to team up with the Greens and various independents to convert the royal commission from an Opposition press release into the avenging regulatory angel of death that is Rowena Orr.

That the Government would otherwise have kept stolidly denying that there was a very big problem and saying things like "the problem with a royal commission is that it will take forever and achieve nothing … except for the bevy of lawyers who will be able to afford new beach houses on the strength of all the fees that they will charge"* is absolutely beyond doubt.

The neck-snapping pivot from "Everything's fine, what are these people going on about" to "Christ on a bike, let's sack everyone" is not a phenomenon exclusive to the banking sector, whose Hayne-Drain last week collected NAB's Ken Henry and Andrew Thorburn; it is, in political terms, ENTIRELY attributable to the fact that Barry O'Sullivan, Wacka Williams and a fellow handful of National Party MPs decided to make a nuisance of themselves given that the numbers in Parliament gave them that opportunity.

Do keep that in mind the next time you hear the Prime Minister claiming, as he did last week: "I initiated the Royal Commission."

Those familiar with the internal workings of the decision recall — for what it's worth — that Mr Morrison (then the treasurer) fought against the royal commission the hardest.

10 Feb 2019

The smell of rotting bodies pervades politics and there's not a single member of the government who thinks they are going to win the election.

Based on an article by Jacqueine Maley

With nothing to loose the lies become bigger and 'Public Interest' its thrown out the window. This is self preservation at all costs.
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Next week Parliament will resume for two short weeks(yes its only 2 weeks) before it rises, and it probably won’t sit again until the second half of the year?  By then, who knows we will probably have a Labor government.

Already the Liberal MP's think they are going to loose the election”.

In the face of electoral failure, there is nothing stopping them from pursuing naked tribal self interest.

If they're going to leave the joint, they may as well trash it for the incoming lot.

"The temporary Prime Minister”(
Scott Morrison) as he's being described, presides over what looks increasingly like a caretaker government and little 'care' is being taken on how its being run. One things for sure its not being run with the public interest in mind.

Consider this week’s events: from Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton we had a transparent scare campaign about the consequences of passing independent Kerryn Phelps’ “medivac” bill, which would curtail ministerial discretion and give more weight to the advice of doctors on whether to transfer asylum seekers back to Australia for medical treatment.

In apparent service of that scare campaign, a reported classified briefing comprising advice from ASIO and Australian Border Force was leaked to The Australian newspaper. The advice reportedly warned that the passing of the bill would lead to hundreds of asylum seekers coming to mainland Australia using medical transfers. (This morning on the insiders we were told everyone would be coming to Australia, so they're all sick?) 


The Prime Minister added helpfully that the bill could lead to rapists and murderers (a trumplet) gaining access to our golden shores.

No mention was made that the minister could place any medically transferred detainees straight into detention in Australia while they received their treatment or that the minister still had the last say.

We already know how much Dutton values ministerial discretion - he has used it freely to allow two European au pairs entry to the country when stopped at Immigration, for mysterious reasons he has declined to share with the public.

There is certainly no mystery as to what is going on here: Dutton - who looks very likely to lose his seat at the election - is playing for his political life.

The Home Affairs Department has reported the leaking of the classified information to the Australian Federal Police for investigation. (could this be someone in-house keeping their job safe?)

Are we numb from the last brutal decade of politics, has it made us forget what happened with the so called intelligence briefings during the Howard era.

If there is one thing that period taught us, it was to beware of politicians brandishing intelligence.

9 Feb 2019

Journalists comments about Canberra years ago when looking from Red Hill. Nothings changed they still bag us!

Stop blaming the city, blame the people you elected its their house.
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Journalists opinions of early Canberra.
(Still insulting to people who live here, then and now.)

After viewing these illuminations(street lights) from Red Hill one night a visitor remarked to the Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Department that it was a wonderful sight. “Yes. Paris at night and Arabia in the morning”, answered the bureaucrat. Press Gallery journalists who didn’t like Canberra, called it ‘the only illuminated cemetery in the world!’

5 Feb 2019

Surveillance of Australians has taken a huge step into the unknown. Beware it could easily be misused and we could become patsies because of high error rates in identification.

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Cause for concern

Given the vast amounts of information gathered through surveillance, it might seem reasonable to assume that individuals will never be scrutinised unless they raise suspicion (one hopes, reasonably).

However, improvement in data-processing capabilities means this is not necessarily true. For example, artificial intelligence can analyse CCTV video footage without human input.

And when face recognition is used to identify suspects, there are often multiple records of images of people who are a close match to the suspect. This can result in a high error rate, posing a risk that innocent people are accused of criminality and wrongdoing.

Read more: Close up: the government's facial recognition plan could reveal more than just your identity

But perhaps more worrying is the threat of repurposing — when information collected for one purpose is used for another. For example, concerns that insurance companies could access and use information from My Health Record led to the government amending legislation to prevent this.

But, unlike My Health Record data, surveillance data collection is indiscriminate and has no “opt out”. Consider the two years’ worth of communications metadata currently stored for the entire nation, which is accessible to many agencies without a warrant. It’s not certain how this data might be reused in the future.

The government and the regulator has tip toe'd around the banks for years. Will they now find a real hammer or just another rubber one that bounced every time it was used.

Australian Government who was forced into having a Royal Commission should be ashamed of past performance on banking sector

Updated 20 Apr 2018, 10:22am
If you are a politician, what do you do when your bad judgement — or worse — has been dramatically called out for all to see and you have an election coming up.
Will they pass the buck and blame the regulator who has asked for more powers for years and been starved of funds by this government.
That's the question which has faced the Government as appalling behaviour by the Commonwealth Bank, AMP and Westpac has been revealed this week at the royal commission into misconduct in the banking, superannuation and financial services industry.

4 Feb 2019

The LNP are a low taxing low spending???

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The Coalition asserts it is the party of low taxes and low spending.

That is not true. Why, because The Howard government, for example, never cut government spending in real terms and had the highest tax take (as a proportion of the economy) of any recent Australian government. And then! And then! Along came the GST(consumption) tax in 2000. A TAX WE ALL LOVE!

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2 Feb 2019

The Bucket man has passed on, he brought us many smiles.

Clive Swift obituary

Actor best known as the downtrodden husband of Hyacinth Bucket in Keeping Up Appearances
Clive Swift and Patricia Routledge at a photocall for Keeping Up Appearances, 1991.
 Clive Swift and Patricia Routledge at a photocall for Keeping Up Appearances, 1991. Photograph: Peter Brooker / Rex Features
Clive Swift, who has died aged 82, believed that unemployment was as natural, and possibly even as necessary, a part of an actor’s life as employment, enabling him to experience, feel and think afresh.

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