12 Feb 2019

Australian tech community calling for change in legislation before it damages our technology sector.

Startups could be crippled
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February 12, 2019News
Australian tech community calling for change in legislation before it does damage to technology sector.

Australia’s national advocacy group for startups is calling for the government to change legislation, which could force tech companies to help security agencies decode encrypted messages.

StartupAUS submitted a request that the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2018 should be limited to avoid crippling Australia’s technology sector.

It put them “under a regulatory burden that is unique to them, and limits the level of security that Australian startups can develop”.

The submission outlines the urgent changes that are required to divest the government of “globally-unprecedented power to involve itself in the operations of technology companies”.

Startups are critical to Australia’s economy.

At a time when we should be developing and broadening our vision and support for them, the bill will jeopardise their standing with investors both here and abroad

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