13 Feb 2019

Morrison's reaction is over the top after passage of Medivac bill. If they were smart they would have put a similar bill to parliament and reaped the reward. Now they look silly!

Amendment to the Medivac Bill which limits its effect to existing refugees only, opens no new doors for the smugglers.  Says Senator Hinch.
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Nothing will change

The PM's reaction is predictable, push the fear button.

So what does he do. Mr Morrison convened an urgent meeting of the National Security Committee of cabinet and said he had commissioned "a range of strengthenings" to Operation Sovereign Borders as recommended by security and intelligence agencies.

I'm giving them everything they are asking for, that  involves a strengthening of the capacity of Operation Sovereign Borders across a whole range of fronts," he said.

Guess what he says next? "I am not at liberty to go into the detail of what they are for obvious reasons." There seems to be a Sir Humphrey likeness in this announcement.

Now that's a surprise, I think we've heard that before, every time Border Security is mentioned! By now we are fed up with amount of secrecy surrounding anything about Border Security.

We have not been told how many boats have been turned back each year since off shore processing began. Why not? Surely we are entitled to judge how effective this system has been.

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