7 May 2019

We hear about efficiency all the time, however its never mentioned when we talk about Democracy, maybe its time!

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Australia was once a world leader in democratic innovation — from the pursuit of an eight-hour work day in the 1850s to the suffragette movement in the 1890s — but now, have we lost our way?

Here are the 15 ideas we want the winner of the May 18 election to pursue:
  1. Review of parliamentary terms to provide more certainty and improve government decision-making.
  2. Appoint a genuinely independent Speaker of the House and President of the Senate.
  3. Trial changes to seating arrangements in parliament to encourage more civility and constructive dialogue.
  4. Introduce more "free votes" in the parliament through a new parliamentary convention.
  5. Real reform on political donations and campaign financing.
  6. More stringent transparency requirements for political parties.
  7. Trial of AEC-issued candidate information packs that give voters more information about local candidates.
  8. Undertake a process after each election that gives citizens a chance to communicate how we can improve elections.
  9. Commit political parties to the same standards that companies are bound by when they advertise during election campaigns to promote better truth in advertising.
  10. Comprehensive and continual training in policy, ethics and procedures for MPs and ministerial staff.
  11. Commit to stronger regulation of lobbyists.
  12. Independent selection process for senior appointments to the Australian Public Service, the judiciary and major statutory bodies.
  13. Trial a citizen jury that would allow a small representative sample of the community to explore a major national issue in depth.
  14. Lead a national conversation to renew Australian democracy and update the Constitution.
  15. Lead a national conversation about the operation of the Australian Federation.
Report co-author and new Democracy director Iain Walker said it wasn't good enough to say the system was broken if we don't then try to fix it.

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