17 Aug 2019

Truth hurts if your to secretive

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Based on an article by Laura Tingle

Recognising this, there is talk within the government of a shift in gear to deal with whistleblowers and journalists, and secrecy generally, in future.
The idea is what might be called a graded regime of leaking sins to better guide the wallopers of the Australian Federal Police who have been left carrying the can for the heavy handed nature of the most recent raids.
That is, much clearer guidance to the police about just how far and hard they go in pursuing leaks(sometimes referred to as truthfulness)  , and also greater emphasis on the idea that it is the leakers, rather than the journalists, who are in the law enforcement agencies’ sights.
The clear hope is that such a regime will reduce the pressure from media organisations. But it shouldn’t.
Journalists and news organisations should have as much, if not more, interest in protecting whistleblowers as they have in protecting their own interests.

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