9 Jul 2020

Private Security in Australia is no longer protection of premises, it has become a monster.

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Private security is a joke in Australia

Education, training and an acceptable level of English is not required to work in security. No doubt we've all seen so called security personnel at entertainment venues giving the nod to mates etc to enter premises when they are in no fit state or those working in supermarkets. These are just some  examples of the slack attitude of many of the security officers. The whole industry needs a shake up, some the personnel have even been members of bikie gangs. Obviously they have never had a security check.

Now we have the virus to contend with, guess who governments use to police the quarantined, these same people, many are subcontractors hired by larger firms to avoid paying the correct wages. 

Outsourcing of police work and lack of regulation has become the norm within Australia, it has allowed firms to be at arms length, away from the coal face, which in turn allows those at the bottom to be blamed for any stuff ups.

Perhaps we should be looking at another level of police along the lines of the protection service the AFP provides to Embassies. These could be used for entertainment venues and sporting venues for a fee. They could also provide ancillary police support that could pay for its self and be a disciplined force. These people could be used in such a time as this.

We should leave the private security firms to do what they are good at, protecting premises and smaller venues .

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