9 Dec 2020

The Cold Dead hand of Peter Dutton is all over this legislation.

 Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton introduced the Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identify and Disrupt) Bill 2020, “it will shine a light into the darkest recesses of the online world and hold those hiding there to account”.

The Bill is the latest in an ongoing push by Home Affairs to expand the powers of its agencies with little regard for safeguarding citizens’ civil liberties and human rights.

This Bill is really concerning, but in the context of the powers that Home Affairs has been seeking for these agencies it’s extremely concerning.

While the announcement of the legislation focused on extreme crimes such as terrorism and child sexual abuse, there are few checks and balances in place to protect citizens from overreach.

"Have the law enforcement agencies put enough safeguards to protect groups that are already marginalised by these sorts of investigations? No, they haven’t.”

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