11 Dec 2021

In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

The doorway and podium effect on politician's memory.

Lapses in memory might seem entirely random, however some researchers have identified the culprits as doorways and podiums.

Many studies have investigated how memory might be affected by passing through or standing behind these objects.

Astoundingly, these studies show that these cause forgetting, and this effect is consistent.

When they move from one to the other, they represent a boundary. They use boundaries to help segment their experience, they separate events.

 This explains  why it appears that politicians deliberately forget the promises or mistakes they previously made.

These “event boundaries” also help define what might be important in one situation from what might be important in another.

 Hence, when a new event begins, they essentially flush out the information from the previous event because it is not relevant to them anymore.

They in fact believe they are therefore not lying when they say they have no knowledge of the previous event.

Researchers are closely monitoring politicians behaviour, it appears that this effects new politician very quickly.   


7 Nov 2021

Lest we forget these special people who will face the virus every day after our freedom.


As we wake up to a new type of freedom, this freedom is not equal for our hospitals and healthcare workers. As we vaccinate and establish our freedoms, we are leaving our hospitals and our hospital workers the COVID pandemic. It is now theirs to manage, it's their job. 

In the meantime, healthcare workers will continue to tell their stories of brutal exhaustion. 

21 May 2021

The Morrison government is missing the boat. Their advertising is targeting the wrong age group

The government advertising campaign should be aimed at the younger age group.

It is important to use those aged in their thirties and under as advocates to encourage older Australians to get vaccinated.  

"Younger people are also the ones who can go to their parents and nudge our parents to go and vaccinate. By urging  parents to have the jab they are in fact making it safer for their children and grand children.

The young make up a large proportion of people who are on social media every day, passing on information to older family friends and relatives

"And so potentially a campaign targeted at Australians in their thirties, people who are younger, may actually have a more positive response more broadly."

17 May 2021

The spin, an extra $18 billion a year for aged care?


This is not the fix the royal commission wanted.

No! Only 3.6 billion per year!

There is no guarantee of mandatory minimum training of workers.

 A refusal to lift wages.

Bolstering a useless  regulator.

Freedom for providers to spend money as they see fit.

2 May 2021

The PM is obviously not talking about his own morality?


PM Morrison said.

"Seeing the inherent dignity of all human beings is the foundation of morality," he said.

"It makes us more capable of love and compassion, of selflessness and forgiveness.

"Because if you see the dignity and worth of another person, another human being, the beating heart in front of you, you're less likely to disrespect them, insult or show contempt or hatred for them, or seek to cancel them, as is becoming the fashion these days."

Refugees have been cancelled haven't they???

23 Apr 2021

Which planet are you on Scott Morrison



"Let me tell you what I have heard. Women are too afraid to call out bad behaviour for fear of losing a job or being intimidated in the workplace .

Women who are afraid to walk to their car from the train, and they carry their keys in their hand like a knife for fear of being attacked.

I have heard that women are overlooked, talked over by men, whether it is in boardrooms, meeting rooms, staff rooms, in media conferences, in cabinets, or anywhere else.

I have heard about being marginalised, women being intimidated, women being belittled, women being diminished, and women being objectified."

What planet has Scott Morrison been living on. "I HAVE JUST HEARD" This is total crap, he knew and he ignored it, like many others. "I KNOW NOTHING" says he. 

Paulines birthday 2021


Happy birthday My Pauline

You’re a very special person

When I wake I know

You’re close, oh so very close to me

You make everyday start with a smile

I share each day with someone who really cares

Being the other “half “well it makes us “one”

Through good and bad we’ve had a laugh

Oh, and I’m so glad you’ve stood by me

Your loves special and it’s just for me

My love for you still grows with every year

Now it’s another, it’s your birthday again

Each year now our love becomes more precious

Happy birthday my darling, my best friend, my buddy 

For my special person

“My Pauly”

31 Jan 2021

Who will we blame if we have more anti-vaccer's.

 In Australia, our PM and the Coalition are mute, this gives implicit permission for whacky conspiracy theories and misinformation about the coronavirus and vaccines to be spread by backbenchers — who take their strategies straight from the Trump playbook

These same leaders spend their time and taxpayers' money insisting that public confidence in vaccines is crucial.

Why on earth aren't these people gagged for creating doubts about vaccines. Who is really in control of the Coalition?


A living wage, is it stupidity or a necessity. The push for lower wages is a step to far in 2021!


Flat real wages are diminishing our sense of shared prosperity. The lack of real wage growth is one of the reasons why some in our community question whether they are benefitting from our economic success.

A similar thing has happened across most of the advanced economies.

People around the world have diminished trust in the idea that the policies that have underpinned growth over the past 30 years are working for them.

“They feel more uncertain about the future and, in Australia, are also having to deal with very high housing prices.

Diminishing trust in the idea that living standards will continue to improve is a major economic, social and political issue. It is in our collective interest that this trust is restored.”

Unfortunately, there is no sign of the Morrison, and the Coalition in general being committed to restoring that trust. 

They have argued against every wage rise for years. Their mantra "Low wages more profit". Trickle down economics, that's been tried.  It doesn't work, its broken! 

The government hasn't learned that investments now more than ever can land anywhere. They don't necessarily always result in Australian jobs.