25 Jul 2021

Queensland University's vaccine needs more money to complete the job. The government must stump up! Stage three needs support.

Part of artical by Michael Pascoe

The UQ team is continuing to work on developing a COVID vaccine, “Clamp 2.0”, but this time without an HIV fragment or anything else that could trigger a false positive.

The team has some funding left from last year’s grants of $10 million from the Queensland government and $5 million from the Australian government, an ongoing relationship with CEPI, and support from  philanthropic donors, large and small.

What they lack at this stage is the partnership of a global pharmaceutical company with the balance sheet necessary to prove the manufacturability of a vaccine and take it through the extensive and expensive stage-three trials.

2 Jul 2021

Australian PM ignores experts? Gives wrong advice that could sacrifice our youth.

 Who says this? Could this be our PM?

I know that I don’t know, now I know someone who might know. All I know for sure is that I don’t know.

Will the real Scott Morrison please stand up? Not likely!

Morrison has the knack of becoming invisible when trouble strikes.

Trouble in aged care? Wheel out Aged Care Minister, trouble with the vaccine rollout? Send Health Minister. Trouble with the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins? Set up a stack of inquiries.

These tightly controlled strategies pave the way the media portray Morrison in day-to-day news coverage.

Television bulletins need pictures, so the prime minister dresses up as something and gets a run.

Now however his foot has ascended to his mouth big time, he's stepped outside of the experts umbrella and told our youth to get a vaccine that goes against expert advice.

Where will he hide? Or who will he hide behind this time? Will the media be portraying the prime minister in a somewhat different light now.