11 Dec 2021

In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

The doorway and podium effect on politician's memory.

Lapses in memory might seem entirely random, however some researchers have identified the culprits as doorways and podiums.

Many studies have investigated how memory might be affected by passing through or standing behind these objects.

Astoundingly, these studies show that these cause forgetting, and this effect is consistent.

When they move from one to the other, they represent a boundary. They use boundaries to help segment their experience, they separate events.

 This explains  why it appears that politicians deliberately forget the promises or mistakes they previously made.

These “event boundaries” also help define what might be important in one situation from what might be important in another.

 Hence, when a new event begins, they essentially flush out the information from the previous event because it is not relevant to them anymore.

They in fact believe they are therefore not lying when they say they have no knowledge of the previous event.

Researchers are closely monitoring politicians behaviour, it appears that this effects new politician very quickly.   


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