10 Oct 2022

Disabled and Aged don't mix with Electric scooters


There must be better education around the use of e-scooters and rules for the users. 

There have been concerns raised about the regulating and the policing of electric scooters. It is about how they interact with the public and their use in common areas pedestrians use.

How scooters are used is a safety issue, particularly for disabled people. They cause congestion on the footpaths when they are left, which can be particularly difficult for people with mobility issues.

They are left lying across footpaths and even in underpasses, they are left everywhere!

They are capable of high speed and operate very quietly and users don't use the 'horn/bell' often enough.

There is evidence of a large range of injuries that do occur due to falls or collisions while trying to avoid dumped scooters.

There's not a general awareness by the public of just how serious these injuries can be.

9 Oct 2022

Trickle-down, the only trickle down I know of happens in a toilet!


The super-wealthy don’t create jobs or raise wages.

Jobs are created when average working people earn enough money to buy all the goods and services they produce. That pushes companies to hire more people and pay them higher wages and that in turn makes the super-wealthy more wealthy.

Trickle-down economics is a cruel joke.

The so-called free market has been distorted by huge campaign contributions from the ultra-rich.

Don’t lionize the ultra-rich as superior “self-made” human beings who deserve their billions. Most were lucky or had connections.

In reality, there is no justification for today’s extraordinary concentration of wealth at the very top. It’s distorting our politics, rigging our markets and granting unprecedented power to a handful of people.

4 Aug 2022

The expendables are now 'THE AGED'


Covid has not gone away. Australians are now immune?  No now they are immune to death. Why? Our governments are ignoring the fact that the aged in care are still paying the highest price.

We are now at 10,000 dead in Australia, mainly the aged. The psychic cost governments  of this many of our citizens dying from the pandemic is largely being borne now by their loved ones and those vulnerable to getting the worst of Covid.

The shock (one of the shocks) at the start of the pandemic was that this great trauma would be shared among us equally – death is not equally shared.

21 May 2022

A Politician I will be




I am going to be one

I train a lot, I'm learning to plot

I watch elections, I learn a lot

They tell me to practice

I'm trying to change

I'm learning to speak

Speak and not say a lot

With training I think

I'll fit the bill

Already I practice

 I sound true blue

You'll be astounded

Just what I can do

Smile a lot

It will get me through

That's what I'm told

 It will have to do

I kissed a child the other day

Learned how to say goo, goo

I know how to ignore

Use the truth when it's needed

Make up a story

Make it seem really real

Now I just have to know

How to become a member

I remember these skills

 I've learned them, I'll be right!

I'll have a bright future

And that is for sure

My skill of lying

Will stand me in good stead

It's has done it's job

I'll get ahead

The PM's job sounds

Sounds just right

I'm sure I could do it

I lie real good

Me for PM that's what I say

I'm not going to wait

Not one more day

You can always believe me

I've learned what to say

I'm a born politician

I think you can tell


S. W. T. Read August 2010

This work is copyright. Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968,no part may be reproduced by any process, nor may any other exclusive right be exercised, without the permission of Stephen W T Read of 38 Ayers Street Curtin Canberra ACT 2605 Australia

Being Normal




Do you know what its like to be normal

To walk and run and just have fun

To talk and sing or do anything

See the sky, or pictures and other things

Hear the sounds of the morning when it comes

Feel the softness of a woman's touch


These are the things we call normal

Now do you ever think, what is normal?

It's not being different, different at all

That is what normal means


What’s the opposite, what does it mean

Is it being a cripple unlike you or me

Or unable to see, hear or think like we


Can they enjoy a sunny day like us, yes

And they feel love and kindness

Yes they laugh and cry just like us

All these things they feel, like you and me


And yes that’s normal don’t you agree

Now you know, they’re just  like you and me

So when you see someone less fortunate we

Remember how normal we all can be


Stephen. W.T  Read (2010) ©

My Stroke



I had a stroke, Oh no it was not a stroke

 of luck

It was a nasty little bugger it really changed my life

I didn’t give  permission, didn’t ask it to come aboard

 Like a lightning bolt it came , it  froze me to the spot

 My voice it sort of left, along with walking and waving my hand

 It was the strangest  feeling’ as if I was there no longer

 Life came back slowly and then I knew, I’d have lot of work do

 For sure just to survive was going to be quite a chore

 Soon I was started on training my arm and leg and voice

 To learn to talk again, move a finger and move my leg a little bit

It was so exciting and such a thrill, to see small movements that I knew would grow

To share the excitement with others too, was so rewarding and such a great thing

This was when, strange as it seems, I began to feel lucky in a funny sort of way

 This unwanted visitor that had struck so hard a blow

 Well I know it made me grow, now I’m a better person I do believe

 As time has past and things improved I’ve learned to walk, wave and talk

 Above all though I now know a lot, about good people and to laugh a lot

I cannot say I enjoyed it all, but to walk, shake a hand and say hello is good

 These things I now cherish and will do so every day

 I’ll never forget my carer, and remember every day

An arm to cling to, tears to wipe, hours of waiting just with hope

 My carer walked alongside all the way, did the hard yards, always showed the way

S W T Read


This work is copyright. Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968,no part may be reproduced by any process, nor may any other exclusive right be exercised, without the permission of Stephen W T Read of 38 Ayers Street Curtin Canberra ACT 2605 Australia




I'm a Puppy Dog


Hello my names doggy

Do you like me, I like you

I can see you've got food

Watch I can wiggle my tail

Wiggle it real fast

Can I have some please


If I rub up against you

Will you give me a bite

If I whimper a bit will it do the trick

Can I have some, I've got the stick

Will you chuck it for me

It's one of my tricks


Can I have a nibble now

I've picked up the stick

You know you're miserable

You're no fun, didn't give me any

Not even one


Oh well I tried, to get along

It's not my fault we don't get along

I've got to go now really bad!

Now you know your leg

It looks just like tree

Oh that feels good!

I've had to pee




Stephen W T Read




Once we were children


We liked to have a mum to kiss it better

Why was the bed damp in the morning?

We want to be a little bit bigger

Wanted to be that bit taller, that's all!

To stop wearing shorts, having plats

Wearing long skirts, trousers and all that

We were allowed to play out, until it was dark

Then we walked to school all on our own!

We sneaked things we we're never allowed to eat

We thought to be clever was every thing

Wanted mum and dad to always care

Never thought what we did frightened them

Then we started to do more things on our own

Feeling more grown up every day

Going to the movies on our own

Seeing girls and boys in a different ways

Though we were still just children in lots of ways

Then our bodies they begin to feel sort of strange

And the child started to fade, fade completely away

The change to adult was on its way

We never noticed when the whole thing started

Never knew when the child departed

It’s gone away now, and now we know

We can't go back, we don't need to grow

Though sometimes we'd like to dream again

To be children again and have the childhood things

In some ways I think it would be good, good for a day

Then I remember how I wanted to be tall

And how I got here and that's about all

I am past it now and it’s all right

I don't need a light at night


Wouldn’t it be nice to think like a child

Just once in a while, to remember the way

We used to play at life, it wasn’t real of course

But now, well it’s real of course

Always remember how to play, it gets you through the day


Stephen. W.T. Read (2010)

This work is copyright. Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968,no part may be reproduced by any process, nor may any other exclusive right be exercised, without the permission of Stephen W T Read of Unit 8/40 Storey Street Curtin Canberra ACT 2605 Australia

15 May 2022

Staggering number of COVID cases in Australia. Politicians have their collective heads in the sand!


After two years of extreme impacts, governments and politicians are now afraid to talk about COVID.

They ignored why cases — and hospitalisations — had now increased transmission.     

7 May 2022

Why are we talking about war. It's an election you dumb ass!



Higher death numbers due to virus, yet we don't care! Our Government's and journo's aren't interested.


A higher number of reported deaths, nobody seems to care about it or worry about it apart from the families involved.”

It's partly the fault of governments, but really, the vast majority of Australians are sick of COVID. They want it to be over.The problem is, it isn’t over”.

Since the beginning of this year, there have been more deaths than the previous two years combined – it’s now our second-biggest cause of death”.

Our governments have largely abandoned public messaging and advice. Health officers advocating the wearing of masks in crowded spaces are simply not being heard.

Messages from different state governments and territories is it’s up to you to work out what your risk is and protect yourself.

They have lost the plot!

1 May 2022

Australia where are you? Once we were taking a leading role. Now?


We took a leading role in the establishment of 

The United Nations

The UN Conventions on Genocide

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Preserving Antarctica from mineral exploitation.

Now,it seems inconceivable now that Australia could take the lead on any major international policy, so shrivelled is our ambition.

Australia could exercise a far greater international influence if it chose, however it appears that our Coalition governments have set about making Australia a hasbeen internationally. 

30 Apr 2022

COVID deaths. We are letting the elderly die for us! WHY?


COVID-related deaths.

We all knew what was coming and yet we did it anyway.

The impact has been disproportionately felt by older people.

The federal health department has broken down the number of deaths in Australia by age group and it shows almost 83 per cent were aged 70 years or older.

8 Apr 2022

Morrison hurts Human Rights Commission. He hates anyone having eyes on him.


One in three jobs will be slashed at the Australian Human Rights Commission as a record number of complaints and low base funding take their toll.

The human rights agency has issued a blunt warning that its current funding “does not provide us with the resources required to perform our statutory functions”.

The commission handles complaints under federal discrimination and human rights law.

8 Mar 2022

Election is in the air-pedling Russian fear-talking up location defence base depending how many voters in electorate??



Scotty just how far off is this submarine base. Tell us the truth, this is about the next election!

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will on Monday tell a Lowy Institute forum that defence officials have been tasked with talking to the NSW and Queensland governments on setting up a multi-billion dollar nuclear-submarine.

Sites at either Newcastle or Port Kembla in NSW or Brisbane are being considered as possible locations.

The base will also be for visiting nuclear submarines as well as Australia vessels.

The three potential sites have been chosen because of their proximity to industrial infrastructure, large population centres, deep water, maritime training and weapons storage and loading facilities.

26 Feb 2022

Australia slams Russia YES. Then we ignore China's message and bag China over Russia instead.


Canberra, the Chinese ambassador had a few optimistic words about the battered relationship between China and Australia.

"This relationship is very important and this is good for both sides, and now we're in a difficult situation," Mr Xiao said according to the ABC.

"But from the Chinese side, we're ready to work together with our Australian counterparts to move towards the same direction [with] joint efforts, so we can move this relationship back on the right track, back to the right direction."

13 Feb 2022

Telehealth is dead! So many people who are not able to use new technology will suffer.

 The use of technology in providing health is a step forward, yet the government is blind. Phone consultations, their use saves lives and money!

Leading health bodies urge the federal government to replace “mayhem” changes to Medicare Benefits Schedule telehealth arrangements that hit vulnerable patients as Covid cases surge.

The changes, that came into effect on 1 January, will restrict phone consultations for a long list of specialist items in favour of video conferencing or face-to-face appointments. Video is beyond many aged and those with disability.

The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) president and medical oncologist, Prof Fran Boyle, said the timing of the changes was “appalling” considering the dramatic increases in Covid cases across the nation.

She said the changes to MBS item numbers, intended to help people with cancer and other illnesses, would limit access to care for vulnerable demographics, particularly in remote areas.

Telehealth services were dramatically expanded as a temporary Covid measure in March last year, to reduce community transmission and protect patients and health care providers.

31 Jan 2022

The big C stands for corruption or? Coalition?


Labor wants answers after U-turn.

The federal government appears to have abandoned its plan to extend controversial encryption-busting powers to federal, state and territory anti-corruption bodies, despite previously endorsing such a move.

Labor used the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (PJCIS) review of the Assistance and Access Act [pdf] last month to call out the apparent U-turn, for which it said the government has offered “no explanation”

Expendables! The new name for aged people in Australia.


Aged and Community Services Australia chief executive Officer Paul Sadler said the death toll was further evidence of how treacherously dangerous the virus was for frail older people.

"We know that the booster program was really important to give an added layer of protection for older people," Mr Sadler said.

"The federal government has failed to reach all aged care services both across New South Wales and the country by its own deadline at the end of January."

As of Thursday last week, there were about 500 homes nationally that were yet to host booster clinics, he said.

Snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Fed changes give OK. Employers will use this change to pressure exposed and even sick workers to return to work, risking their own health, colleagues, customers, and inevitably spreading the virus further.

Copying US COVID protocols only guarantees US-style infection rates. In fact, since January 5, Australia's seven-day rolling average infections per million now exceed that of the US.

From one of the best COVID responses in the world to one of the worst, Australia has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

9 Jan 2022

 You would think that a sensible approach would be putting on the brakes and increasing public health measures. No, now we playing politics with multiple "Mad Hatters" in charge.

The NSW government has just removed most of the public health measures aimed at reducing transmission. “The real focus should be, and will remain, that we have a health system that can cope.” This was OK said Scott Morrison, who wants the focus to shift from case numbers to the number of people becoming seriously ill and requiring hospitalisation.

However, there were a couple of major flaws in this argument. Firstly, as case numbers run into their thousands, we will inevitably see a rise in hospitalisations and deaths.

 Also everyone seems to have forgotten about long Covid. About a third of Covid survivors re likely to suffer from symptoms.

Government wants us to shoot the enemy without any ammunition!


Where are the RATS

"The idea of four hours being a cutoff point is simply nonsensical, infection is likely  in an hour or less.This is simply being done for practical reasons, which is easing pressure on the testing sites."

This is about lowering the number of possible infection sites, its causing the figures to be totally unreliable.

But without access to rapid antigen tests (RATs) - now seen as a scarce yet essential household product as Australians attempt to self-manage COVID-19 - Professor Esterman said the country remains in crisis. 

"The trouble with the new system is it's reliant on people doing RATs and they simply aren't available.

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