31 Jan 2022

The big C stands for corruption or? Coalition?


Labor wants answers after U-turn.

The federal government appears to have abandoned its plan to extend controversial encryption-busting powers to federal, state and territory anti-corruption bodies, despite previously endorsing such a move.

Labor used the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (PJCIS) review of the Assistance and Access Act [pdf] last month to call out the apparent U-turn, for which it said the government has offered “no explanation”

Expendables! The new name for aged people in Australia.


Aged and Community Services Australia chief executive Officer Paul Sadler said the death toll was further evidence of how treacherously dangerous the virus was for frail older people.

"We know that the booster program was really important to give an added layer of protection for older people," Mr Sadler said.

"The federal government has failed to reach all aged care services both across New South Wales and the country by its own deadline at the end of January."

As of Thursday last week, there were about 500 homes nationally that were yet to host booster clinics, he said.

Snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Fed changes give OK. Employers will use this change to pressure exposed and even sick workers to return to work, risking their own health, colleagues, customers, and inevitably spreading the virus further.

Copying US COVID protocols only guarantees US-style infection rates. In fact, since January 5, Australia's seven-day rolling average infections per million now exceed that of the US.

From one of the best COVID responses in the world to one of the worst, Australia has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

9 Jan 2022

 You would think that a sensible approach would be putting on the brakes and increasing public health measures. No, now we playing politics with multiple "Mad Hatters" in charge.

The NSW government has just removed most of the public health measures aimed at reducing transmission. “The real focus should be, and will remain, that we have a health system that can cope.” This was OK said Scott Morrison, who wants the focus to shift from case numbers to the number of people becoming seriously ill and requiring hospitalisation.

However, there were a couple of major flaws in this argument. Firstly, as case numbers run into their thousands, we will inevitably see a rise in hospitalisations and deaths.

 Also everyone seems to have forgotten about long Covid. About a third of Covid survivors re likely to suffer from symptoms.

Government wants us to shoot the enemy without any ammunition!


Where are the RATS

"The idea of four hours being a cutoff point is simply nonsensical, infection is likely  in an hour or less.This is simply being done for practical reasons, which is easing pressure on the testing sites."

This is about lowering the number of possible infection sites, its causing the figures to be totally unreliable.

But without access to rapid antigen tests (RATs) - now seen as a scarce yet essential household product as Australians attempt to self-manage COVID-19 - Professor Esterman said the country remains in crisis. 

"The trouble with the new system is it's reliant on people doing RATs and they simply aren't available.

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