26 Feb 2022

Australia slams Russia YES. Then we ignore China's message and bag China over Russia instead.


Canberra, the Chinese ambassador had a few optimistic words about the battered relationship between China and Australia.

"This relationship is very important and this is good for both sides, and now we're in a difficult situation," Mr Xiao said according to the ABC.

"But from the Chinese side, we're ready to work together with our Australian counterparts to move towards the same direction [with] joint efforts, so we can move this relationship back on the right track, back to the right direction."

13 Feb 2022

Telehealth is dead! So many people who are not able to use new technology will suffer.

 The use of technology in providing health is a step forward, yet the government is blind. Phone consultations, their use saves lives and money!

Leading health bodies urge the federal government to replace “mayhem” changes to Medicare Benefits Schedule telehealth arrangements that hit vulnerable patients as Covid cases surge.

The changes, that came into effect on 1 January, will restrict phone consultations for a long list of specialist items in favour of video conferencing or face-to-face appointments. Video is beyond many aged and those with disability.

The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) president and medical oncologist, Prof Fran Boyle, said the timing of the changes was “appalling” considering the dramatic increases in Covid cases across the nation.

She said the changes to MBS item numbers, intended to help people with cancer and other illnesses, would limit access to care for vulnerable demographics, particularly in remote areas.

Telehealth services were dramatically expanded as a temporary Covid measure in March last year, to reduce community transmission and protect patients and health care providers.

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